Social IT Software & Consulting was established in 2011 as a commercial and consulting company, focusing on the implementation of IT solutions in the socio-health sector with the primary goal of enhancing its services.

Our commitment is geared towards providing cutting-edge and flexible computerized management solutions, offering technological support to simplify and optimize business operations.

To ensure state-of-the-art technological solutions, we have consistently engaged in research and development activities since the inception of our company. Following initial experiences with national and local research projects, we secured our first European Horizon 2020 project in 2015. From then onwards, we have undergone substantial growth in the European design sector, participating in and successfully securing numerous European projects. Within these research projects, we collaborate as technological partners for the development of ICT solutions and as project managers, sometimes even as project coordinators.

Software house: our expertise

Our team specializes in custom software development projects, crafting innovative and flexible IT solutions tailored to the client’s needs. Our products are often modular, ensuring a high level of customization and enhancing processes and productivity.

We involve the client in every stage of the project development, ensuring that the final deliverables align precisely with their needs and requirements. We develop:

  • Web and cloud applications
  • Management software
  • Mobile applications
  • System integration
  • Websites
  • E-learning platforms

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Project consulting and Access to Funding

After years of hands-on experience in European and national projects, we’ve chosen to capitalize on our field expertise by offering tailored guidance to understand European and national funding opportunities through our specialized project consulting services.

We are committed to providing high-quality professional services, offering specialized yet cross-cutting skills across various sectors, allowing us to cater to a wide range of stakeholders in various contexts.

We accompany our clients from the definition of the idea to the drafting of the project proposal, all the way to the management and reporting of the approved project.

For an overview of our project consulting service, please visit our website at