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360° experience in integrated systems for the governance of health and social services.

Social IT was born in 2011 as a new business and consulting entrepreneurship for the deployment and introduction of innovative ICT solutions for the management of social and health care services, focusing on the supply of services to the person.

The mission

To help our clients obtaining the highest possible level of efficiency and effectiveness in the resource management, proposing ourselves as a valuable partner in the healthcare and social sector with integrated and cutting-edge IT solutions. Our motto is: management for producing concrete results in the social and health-care sector.

Our values

The company primarily focuses its attention on the needs of the person, thus recognizing the importance of the person being at the center of the whole system. We support and guarantee an improvement of the health and the quality of life of people, through the supply of concrete, innovative and flexible solutions.



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The team

Maurizio Gianordoli
Finance and Control Area
Luigi Menestrina

Research and Innovation Area
Phd. Eng. Valentina Conotter

Cristina Detassis

Erica Fazzini

Anita Ferraioli

Marketing and Communication Area

Giulia Onorati

Eleonora Tassan

Software Development Area

Luca Kerschbaumer

Davide Lissoni

Maddalena Sebastiani

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Mind Inclusion 3.0

Mind Inclusion 3.0 intends to extend the experience of the Erasmus+ project Mind Inclusion 2.0, to broaden its scope and increase the digital competences of different target groups (social professionals, public place owners, people with intellectual disabilities) through new ICT tools and training activities to contribute to the social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and to the improvement of their quality of life.

MENTOR+ "Multidimensional and transvErsal well-being program for Tele-wORking"

mentor + RGB




The aim of the MENTOR+ project is to raise awareness of employees and knowledge of wellness approaches in teleworking, focusing on the repercussions of social isolation on people’s health due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent increased use of teleworking.

GLIDE-19 "Global lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic: learning lessons from prevention to long-term care"



The main objective of the Erasmus plus GLIDE-19 project is to develop a comprehensive professional learning programme to support health workers in the efficient management of the current pandemic, and possible future pandemics, by expanding their skills and competences.

e-Active "Fostering competences to promote active ageing through a social participation e-tool"


The main purpose of the project is to train professionals working with the elderly to transform them into promoters of active aging, especially in its social component, through a digital tool suitable for use by the elderly as well.

INDACO "DigitAl INnovation for Trentino e-COmmerce"


The Indaco project was created with the aim of promoting the competitiveness of local businesses in Trentino and their entry into the world of online commerce. For this reason, the main outcome of the project is the creation of an e-commerce platform aimed specifically at local businesses that is innovative and user-friendly.

WORK@BLE "Digital Job Coaching for Disadvantaged People"



The Erasmus+ WORK@BLE project has the goal to help overcome the effects of the covid-19 pandemic in the labour market, which have particularly affected people with disabilities. In fact, the project aims to enhance the digital skills of educators and job coaches who support people with disabilities in accessing the labor market and in the process of social integration, in order to improve their services and offer new opportunities through digitization.

For more information, please follow this link.




VITALISE proposes Living Lab infrastructures as a means to facilitate and promote research activities in the field of health and wellbeing in Europe and beyond, allowing transnational access to 17 Living Labs and supporting remote digital access to datasets (virtual access) of rehabilitation, and activities of daily living through harmonized processes and common tools.

For more information, please follow this link.




The project will educate, equip and train health and social care professionals to better support people with dementia through innovative learning approaches and the use of ICT tools that explore the lived experience of the person with dementia.

For more information, please follow this link.

TOGeThER "Technology and social housing to support fragility"






TOGeThER project aims to support the autonomy and independence of people with cognitive, physical and social frailty through technology. In particular, it wants to combine the concept of “social housing,” or an emerging housing concept that integrates pathways to empowerment and the active involvement of community networks to counter the social isolation of people with frailty, and innovative assistive technologies, so as to enable them to be more autonomous on a daily basis.

IPA2 "Inclusion of People with Autism in Europe"

IPA2 Erasmus+ project

The IPA2 leverages on the work done in the IPA+ and aims at decreasing school vulnerability of students with ASD in the transition from primary to secondary school. In order to achieve these objectives, teachers and students will be involved in the co-creation of training materials and training courses that will be uploaded on a special e-learning platform through which all the contents will be accessible to anyone who wishes to consult them.

For more information, please follow this link.

Mind Inclusion 2.0

Mind Inclusion 2.0_Logo

MIND INCLUSION 2.0 wants to foster the competencies of educators of intellectually disabled people across Europe to promote the participative co-creation and use of an innovative online tool (web platform) supported by the definition of a solid facilitation methodology which will contribute to the sustainable and inclusive involvement of disabled people in the society.

For more information, please follow this link.



It is a transparent technology designed to turn the home of older adults into a ubiquitous assistant that project contextualized information wherever and whenever needed. It is specifically designed to compensate for older adults’ physical and memory impairments during their daily living.

For more information, please go to this link.

UNCAP “Ubiquitous Interoperable Care for Ageing People”


UNCAP develops an open, scalable and privacy-savvy ICT infrastructure designed to help aging people (including those with mild cognitive impairments) living independently and with dignity. In particular, it leverages on an ecosystem of biosensors and indoor & outdoor localisation solutions to deliver an infrastructure capable to continuously monitor and assist users in a non-invasive way, both in home and residential settings.

CH.E.S.S. "Child Evaluation Software System"


C.H.E.S.S. quantifies the educational achievements of children under school age, in order to provide to the educator useful information for calibrating his intervention according to the capacities already acquired by the child. The project is developed together with Studio Vega and in collaboration with several FISM (Federazione Italiana Scuole Materne – Italian Federation of pre-schools) associated schools.

Towards the future



There are many opportunities for companies to grow through innovation and increase their competitiveness at European level. The new European programming for the period 2021-2027 offers a variety of funding opportunities and instruments, the most important of which is Horizon Europe, the funding programme for research and innovation. To have access to European funds means not only to have the possibility to obtain substantial economic resources to implement highly innovative projects, but also to establish new collaborations and partnerships at international level and enter new markets. 

However, participating in EU calls for proposals is a real challenge. Competitiveness in the field of European project management is extremely high. Therefore, the approach to access to EU funds must be studied and made strategically successful by analyzing and planning the company’s medium-long term priorities and the priorities of the European Commission, identified on the basis of the most pressing political, economic and social challenges of today. In fact, it is important not only to analyse individual calls for proposals, but also to evaluate the programmes as a whole to fully understand the demands of the European Commission.

Participating in European projects requires specific skills and competencies that can only be acquired with experience and tenacity. Social IT provides its know-how and skills to assist companies to develop the most effective strategy for selection and participation in European projects. If you want to find out more about European projects and our consulting services, visit our new website:


Models for the governance of health and social services that supply a variety of  useful services for an optimized management of the resources and ensure a comprehensive usability of all the information and the data to the client (public or private).


 We have been listening to our customers for years in order to build always better solutions .

Software development

Software development coupled together with the principles of project management: our governance solutions for the management of the complex requirements in the social and health-care sector. Find out more…

Research and Innovation

As experts in the development of ICT instruments for the social and health-care processes, we actively partecipate to several projects, both at national and international level. Find out more…

European Projects Consulting

Thanks to the many years of experience gained in several projects, we are able to assist other companies in the process of research and participation at European and national calls. Find out more…

Consulting and training

We provide consulting services to comprehensively handle and manage all the activities of our clients, avoiding wastes and errors, saving time and resources and improving the quality of service. Find out more…

Help Desk and Teleservices

Our qualified staff offers support in solving problems related to the use and management of our products, either directly or remotely, 24 hours a day. Find out more…


Several health districts (local health authorities and medical offices) and residential settings (skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, hospices, semi-residential facilities, day care centers, open centers, instrumented apartments, clinics and kindergartens ) have adopted our models of governance.

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