A governance model for managing health care services The Atl@nte system, beside being a self-standing software, is also a procedural and IT model for managing health care services, which allows for the planning and control of all the information and activities related to the care delivery process, functional, above all, to the improvement of the […]

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The management solution for dental and health centers   JMed is planned to be multilingual. Any translation will be realized upon customer request.   JMed is developed and distributed by Social IT. JMed is a modular software system that supports, improves and streamlines the administration and the control of health centers. The idea behind JMed stems from […]

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Sistema 381

All the necessary tools for the growth of social enterprise Sistema 381 is a management software that aims at coordinating and handling all the activities of the organization, and specifically of social co-operatives. Our ambition is to simplify the management of all the activities, avoiding wastes and errors, saving on operational costs and at the same time […]

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