Mind Inclusion 2.0: latest news

mind inclusion video_youtube

A new fundamental milestone of the Mind Inclusion 2.0 project is about to be launched. The European project, that aims at favoring the breaking down of barriers and the overcoming of difficulties that too often hinder the active participation in social life of people with physical or intellectual disabilities, has come to the important experimental phase of the Android application “Mind Inclusion 2.0”.

The video

The characteristics of the application have been presented in details in the short video published on YouTube by the coordinator of the project (available at this link), including the objectives that are expected to be achieved and usability aspects, not only for those who will use it to have access to public places (i.e., the persons with disabilities) but also for those that manage these places of aggregation.

The pilots

The managers of the selected locations will be able to install Mind Inclusion on their mobile phones, create the profile of their own location and participate to the testing phase that will involve 5 organizations: Cooperativa Amica in Italy, Viltis in Lithuania, INTRAS and Polibienestar in Spain. In particular, researchers will physically go to the selected public places, together with small groups of end-users and in compliance with anti-COVID-19 regulations, in order to test the functioning of the application on the ground. The precious feedback received by the sample of end-users involved will provide the software developers of Social IT with the necessary data to improve Mind Inclusion and make it more functional, efficient and responding to the real needs of end-users.

Download the application here:

Watch the Youtube video here: