Mind Inclusion 2.0: first training

Mind Inclusion 2.0_first training

From the 25th till the the 28th of March, educators from the Mind Inclusion 2.0 consortium will meet at the headquarters of INTRAS Foundation in Valladolid (Spain) for a training on the use of co-creative methodologies to engage disabled people in the local community.


What is Mind Inclusion 2.0?

Mind Inclusion 2.0 is a EU-funded project addressing the difficulties and barriers that often prevent people with disabilities from feeling at ease in public spaces. In order to tackle this challenge, 6 among NGOs, research entities and companies from 4 European countries are working together to co-design with disabled people an easy-to-use web platform where places and activities that are inclusive for all.

What does training include?

This training is intended for educators and will provide skills on two main topics: how to engage potential users to be part of “local action groups”; how to correctly use the platform that will be created and transfer these skills to the end-users of the platform and other stakeholders. Both skills are keys to ensure the durability and transferability of the tools and competences developed by the project.

The training will be interactive and will give the trainees the opportunity to put immediately in practice the methodologies and tools provided within the group.