IPA2 4° meeting transnazionale

IPA2: The 4th Transnational Meeting of the E+ project

The 4th transnational project meeting of the Erasmus+ project was held on the 27th of April. The meeting, initially planned to be in Belgium, has been actually held online due to the covid-19 pandemic. The representatives of the partners discussed the next steps to be implemented in relation to the work plan and the current state […]

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Work@ble Kick Off

WORK@BLE: the Kick-Off Meeting of the new E+ project

On the 22nd of April, the Kick-off meeting of the new E+ project “WORK@BLE - Digital Job Coaching for Disadvantaged People”, coordinated by Fundación Intras, has taken place online with the participation of the representatives of the 6 partners of the consortium. WORK@BLE aims at developing new tools and innovative methodologies to support persons affected by mental […]

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Vitalise Kickoff

VITALISE: the launch of the new H2020 project

The kick-off meeting of the new European project VITALISE, acronym of “Virtual Health and Wellbeing Living Lab Infrastructure”, was held the 19th, 20th and 21st of April 2021. The project has been funded within the framework of the EU programme for research and innovation Horizon 2020. The representatives of the 19 partners coming from 11 […]

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IPA2 Erasmus plus project website

The Erasmus+ Project IPA2: what’s new

On the 17th of December, after one year since the start of the Erasmus+project IPA2 , the consortium has met to take stock of the situation and to organize the activities for the next semester (please find further information on the project objectives on our article). Let’s have a look together to the results achieved […]

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INTENSE Kick off meeting

INTenSE: The new Erasmus+ project has been launched!

The Kick-off meeting of the Erasmus+ INTenSe project, coordinated by Social IT, was held on the 2nd and 3rd December 2020, with the participation of the representatives of each of the 5 consortium partners. During the event, participants discussed the objectives of the project, which aims at developing new ICT instruments and innovative methodologies to […]

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mind inclusion video_youtube

Mind Inclusion 2.0: latest news

A new fundamental milestone of the Mind Inclusion 2.0 project is about to be launched. The European project, that aims at favoring the breaking down of barriers and the overcoming of difficulties that too often hinder the active participation in social life of people with physical or intellectual disabilities, has come to the important experimental […]

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CAPTAIN 7th meeting

CAPTAIN project, 7° meeting

The 7° meeting of the European Horizon2020 CAPTAIN project Consortium took place in Munich from the 24th to the 27th of February. With all the partners involved in the project we arranged to meet in the Bavarian capital to prepare for the last challenges of the project, which has now fully entered its final year. During […]

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Best Presentation Award at the INNODOCT conference

The partners of the European project Erasmus + MIND INCLUSION 2.0 submitted a paper for the International Conference on Innovation, Documentation and Education – INNODOCT 2019 which was held in Valencia from 6 to 8 November 2019. The paper entitled “Accessible co-creation tools for people with intellectual disabilities: working for and with end-users” received the BEST […]

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News IPA2 bilingue

IPA2: new Erasmus plus project

IPA2 – Inclusion of People with Autism in Europe. Improving scholar transitions from primary to secondary school On the 1st of October the Erasmus plus IPA2 project officially started. The project is funded under the call KA201 – Strategic Partnership for school education and involves a partnership composed of 6 entities from 5 European countries. […]

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MIND INCLUSION 2.0 3rd Meeting in Trento

In these very days, the partners of the Erasmus plus project MINS INCLUSION 2.0 are in Social IT headquarters for the third project meeting.   Project objectives Mind Inclusion 2.0 is an ambitious European project addressing the difficulties and barriers that often prevent people with disabilities from feeling at ease in public spaces. In order to achieve these goals, the […]

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